The Doctrine of Meishu-Sama

Meishu-Sama is the Founder of Izunome Kyodan, a spiritual organisation whose purpose is the establishment of Paradise on Earth, a world free from disease, poverty and conflict. The Doctrine of Meishu-Sama encompasses all aspects of human life. Two of the most essential points of Meishu-Sama’s Teachings are:

1 – Every single human being, with no exception, has a Divine Essence, a Divine Particle bestowed by the Creator which constitutes the primary spirit. Therefore, we are all representatives of the Supreme God in this world.

2 - We, who live in the present day, are not beings that came from nowhere, with relation to nothing. In truth, we represent the synthesis of hundreds or thousands of ancestors in the end of this chain. Indeed, we are living now on this earth because our ancestors passed on the force of life from generation to generation. Our ancestors are the roots of a tree, and we, their descendants, are the branches and leaves. We receive the invisible life force and nourishment from the roots. Branches and leaves prosper when the roots are strong and well-nourished. Our ancestors’ spiritual growth and elevation is the key to our own welfare and happiness.
Furthermore, our ancestors are connected with the ancestors of all those who are alive in the planet, which means that the individual exists together not only with his/her family, friends and acquaintances, but also exists together with all people who are alive in this planet and their ancestors too.

The understanding and practice of the above Teachings are fundamental to the establishment of paradise within the individual’s own heart.

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